White Sulemani Hakik (Agate) Ring

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White Agate has an esteemed place in the world of astrology, be it Vedic astrology or Western Astrology. The uncanny white stone holds mystical powers. It is worn by Hindus as well as Muslims. It is an excellent stone to please Lord Shiva. If you want to get rid of Moon’s negative effects then you must wear a white hakeek. It will also, protect you from evil spirits and bring peace of mind.

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Unlike other Rashi Ratna, White Agate could be worn by anyone irrespective of the age, sex, and faith. It is not necessary to inspect horoscope before wearing it.

What are the benefits of wearing White Hakeek?

  • People who have lost everything in emotions must wear White Hakik. It will help them overcome the negative emotions and increase rational thinking.
  • A person who has anger issues will be helped by wearing White Agate ring.
  • It brings balance in spirituality, mental peace, and life.
  • White Sulemani Hakik ring works as a shield against black magic and evil eyes.
  • By wearing white agate ring you will win over your enemies.
  • This ring also helps in maintaining a healthy body.
  • White Agate is very effective in increasing concentration. Thus, students must wear this ring.
  • It keeps the wearer calm and hence he or she can make better decisions.
  • White Hakik ring boosts confidence in the wearer. Additionally, it creates balance in heart and mind.

The process of wearing White Agate Ring

 It is recommended to wear a white hakik ring on Monday. The ring must be made in Panchdhatu. As it has no side effects, it could be worn by anyone.

Why you should buy Sulemani Hakik Ring from us?

 It is very difficult to energize a White Hakeek stone. Our revered Pandit Ji energizes the ring using sacred Vedic Mantras before it is shipped to you. It increases the positive effects of the ring.


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